Project Emma: Interview with Dr. Haiyan Zhang

At NathCorp, we know Azure is leading the way for advancements in AI. With AI and Machine Learning, researchers have been able to give hope to people all around the globe. For Parkinson's survivor, Emma, AI and Azure have given her the ability to write, something she never thought she would be able to do again. Imagine what Azure can do for your business. Check out this video and see how AI can help your organization.

Enterprise cloud strategy

At NathCorp, we know that you have questions about how to transition to the cloud. In this book, you'll see how you can exploit the ever-expanding feature set of the cloud to gain strategic and competitive advantage. It will also discuss what applications you'll use and how your organization will change by transitioning to the cloud. Answering your questions is a priority for us, and this book will help address some of the common questions you'll likely encounter during cloud adoption.

Cloud identity and asset management

Scaling your applications could be costing you more than you think. At NathCorp, we know how to help you enhance your business so that you can take advantage of huge cost savings. By moving to the cloud, you can create highly scalable applications in Azure. Applications can shrink and stretch to accommodate changes in usage, removing the need for expensive on-premises hardware saving your organization money and time.

The Microsoft Cloud gives insight into every swing

At NathCorp, transforming your business to meet modern demands is not an easy task. That's why we constantly offer you solutions to innovate, integrate, and achieve success. The PGA Tour does all three on a daily basis with Microsoft cloud computing. With affordable pricing, amazing compute power, and hybrid integration capabilities, your organization can transition to the cloud, too, and do it at your own speed. Watch this video and contact us to find out more.

Democratizing AI to Improve Citizen Health

Healthcare literature has exploded in the past few decades. And with so much more content, doctors are having a hard time finding the information they need to help save lives. Using AI, doctors at the Cochrane Transform Project and thousands of other scientists are increasing the speed with which they can conduct research. A process that used to take years now takes weeks. Imagine how your organization can use the power of AI. Contact NathCorp for more.

Accelerate your GDPR compliance journey with Microsoft 365

Navigating toward GDPR compliance requires an approach that will allow you to get the most out of the process. The capabilities of Microsoft 365 can accelerate your journey to GDPR compliance. With a deep understanding of GDPR and its implications on organizations, Microsoft is set up to help you navigate the murky waters. Don't attempt to swim through the regulations on your own. At NathCorp, we can help guide you on your journey. Contact us for more.

Journey to GDPR Compliance

This e-book addresses Microsoft's own journey to GDPR compliance. It shares their approach to global regulations and standards like the GDPR, what they've been doing to drive compliance within Microsoft, and key lessons learned along the way. This e-book will give you a window into the level of investment Microsoft has made.

CHAMP app saves babies' lives

Congenital heart disease affects about 1% of newborns. Helping them stay alive is tough business. Thanks to Microsoft and advances in AI, that's changing. At NathCorp, we know that AI has the potential to change every organization out there, and we want your company to benefit. While doctors can now monitor a child's health at home thanks to AI, there are a number of ways that same tech can be used in Azure to improve your business. Check out this video and contact us for more.

Data Governance for GDPR Compliance: Principles, Processes, and Practices

GDPR and international standards are making it more difficult for businesses of any size to keep up. Luckily, NathCorp and Microsoft are here to help. With built-in compliance tools in Microsoft 365, you can be sure you're meeting GDPR guidelines. At NathCorp, we have a vested interest in your success. Let us help you navigate the maze of regulatory controls so you can focus on what's most important. Contact us for more information.